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French - English full dictionary - English - French dictionary (56949)
French - English dictionary (56444 words).
French English Dictionary
French English dictionary, free online translation from French to English with Collins dictionaries.
French-English-French Dictionary
English to French and French to English Dictionary.
French-English Dictionary Form
French-English (ARTFL Project, University of Chicago).
Interactive Meaning In French
interactive - French meanings of word interactive - French to English Dictionary.
English French–English (in downloadable PDF format)
Multilanguage Lexicon FR-EN.
Password English-French Dictionary
This bilingualized English-French dictionary has a wide coverage of vocabulary.
Password English-French Dictionary
This bilingualized English-French dictionary has a wide coverage of vocabulary.
English French online Dictionary
English <-> French Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from LingvoSoft.
Dictionnaire English French
Larousse's French-English, English-French dictionary by Du Bois, Marguerite-Marie.
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
French-English bilingual Dictionary.
Dictionnaires d'autrefois
French dictionaries of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
French Dictionary
A French and English Dictionary by Hjalmar Edgren.
English-French Dictionary
Linguee is a unique translation tool combining an editorial dictionary and a search engine with which you can search billions of bilingual texts for words and expressions.
(in downloadable PDF format)
A French-Onondaga dictionary.
Online Dictionary for French English
French and many other foreign dictionaries.
French-English On-line Dictionary
travlang.com offer: French - English On-line Dictionary.
Dictionary French English
Dictionary of French and English, English and French by Bellows, John, 1831-1902; Bellows, Wiilliam.
LingvoSoft French-English Online Dictionary
French <-> English Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from LingvoSoft.
The Alternative French Dictionary
The Alternative French Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Dictionary French-English
A dictionary of the French and English languages. With supplement containing nearly four thousand new words and meanings by Gasc, Ferdinand E. A.
Dictionary of property dealing French English
Small advertisements in the French newspapers are often impossible to understand by the extensive use of abbreviations.
English and French Dictionary
An improved dictionary: English and French, and French and English, technical, Scientific, Legal, Commercial, Naval and Military Terms.
Le Dictionnaire
Le Dictionnaire - Un dictionnaire français multi-usages (synonymes, traduction ...) - French dictionary with grammatical constructions, synonyms, Translation,encyclopedia, ...).
English-French Dictionary
WordReference.com Dictionnaire Français-Anglais.
French and English Pronunciation
A new French and English pronouncing dictionary by Meadows, F. C, Nugent, Thomas, 1700-1772.
A Dictionary of Idioms
French and English by William A. Bellenger Author of "modern French Conversation".
Online Dictionaries - French Dictionaries Online
Presented here is a collection of pages with links to online dictionaries in languages from all over the world, including dictionary directories (French-English and English-French) and hyper-dictionaries.
A Dictionary of Idioms
Dictionary of English and French Idioms: Illustrating, by Phrases and Examples.
Idioms of the French
The Idioms of the French and English Languages by Lewis Chamband.

Dictionary of French Synonyms
Laboratoire CRISCO : consultation du dictionnaire - synonyms dictionary & antonyms - Contains over 49,000 synonymic entries.
Dict.info French Dictionaries
A collection of free French bilingual dictionaries for English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, German, Italian, Japanese, Japanese Romaji, Estonian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Walloon.
Dictionary Fr-En
French and English Dictionary by James Boielle.
French-English Glossary Linguistic Terminology
This glossary contains 7,837 French linguistic terms and 8,059 English linguistic terms.
French Dictionary
Pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819.
Grand dictionnaire terminologique
GDT: des lexiques et des vocabulaires,.
French and English Pronunciation
Spiers and Surenne's French and English pronouncing dictionary. Newly composed from the French dictionaries of the French academy, Laveaux, Boiste, Bescherelle, Landais, etc., and from the English dictionaries of Johnson, Webster, Worcester, Richardson, etc ... by Spiers, A. (Alexander), 1807-1869; Quackenbos, G. P. (George Payn), 1826-1881.
French Dictionary
The Trésor de la langue française is the most important dictionary of the French language.
Academie française
dictionnaire de l'Académie française.
Dictionary Fr-En
A compendious dictionary of French language (French-English: English-French) adapted from the dictionaries of Prof. Alfred Elwall by Masson, Gustave, 1819-1888.
synonyms Dictionary
French & English synonyms.
English-French Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Hantgan, Bangime-English-French Dictionary 12.2010.
The international
English and French dictionary by Smith, Léon; Hamilton, Henry.

Other French Dictionary Translation

Dictionnaire français - allemand.
Multilingual Dictionary
Czech from/to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Latin dictionary.
English Online Dictionary, Language Guide, Foreign Language and Etymology
English Dictionary - With Multi-Lingual Search in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish .
French rhyming Dictionary
Besides the French Rhyming Dictionary, Alcor Software is offering many other rhyming dictionaries which are also available for free online.
French - Albanian Online Dictionary
Dictionnaire Albanais Français / Fjalor Frëngjisht Shqip / Albanian French dictionary.
German-French On-line Dictionary
Travlang's German-French On-line Dictionary: based on multilingual program Ergane.
French-Dutch On-line Dictionary.
Dutch-French On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Dutch-French) contains 10,000 terms.
French-Polish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (French-Polish) contains 2,000 terms.
French-Swedish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (French-Swedish ) contains 6,000 terms.
Turkish-French On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Turkish-French) contains 1,700 terms.
Swedish-French On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Swedish-French) contains 6,000 terms.
French-Turkish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (French-Turkish) contains 1,700 terms.

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Words in French For Travellers:

Good MorningBonjour
Good EveningBonsoir
GoodnightBonne Nuit
Hi Salut
ByeSalut !
GoodbyeAu revoir
Thanks, Thank YouMerci
Thank You Very Muchmerci beaucoup
Have a Good DayBonne Journée
I don't knowJe ne sais pas
See you this eveningÀ ce soir
See you tomorrowÀ demain
See you soonÀ bientôt
See You Later!Á plus tard !
PleaseS'il vous plaît
You're welcome Je vous en prie
Not at AllDe rien
Have a Nice Day!Bonne journée !
Have a Good Weekend!Bon Weekend !
Excuse MeExcusez-Moi

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