English-Greek Dictionary Online and Free English-Greek Translation

Greek Dictionary
English - Greek dictionary (21692 ).
English Greek Translation
Greek Translation services and portal, multilingual online dictionaries and translation resources.
Greek-English dictionary online browsable in HTML format.
Ectaco Online Greek-English Dictionary
Greek-English bilingual Dictionary.
LingvoSoft Greek-English Online Dictionary
Greek <-> English Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from LingvoSoft.
Dictionary of Greek & Latin Roots
Knights Templar Page: Dictionary Greek.
Greek and Latin Dictionary.
Greek English Translation
Text translation Greek - English.
Greek Lexicon
Translates words from Greek to English.
English-Greek Word Search
Search for English Words in Greek (or Latin) dictionaries.
Greek-English Dictionary (Available in Greek only)
Online Bilingual Greek-English Dictionary.
Greek-English Dictionary
Lexicon Dict Bilingual Greek-English Dictionary.
Classical Greek Lexicon
Search for dictionary headwords - search English definitions in the Greek Lexicon.
English-Greek Dictionary
The University of Chicago Library English-Greek Dictionary - A Vocabulary of the Attic Language byS. C. WOODHOUSE, M.A. Late Scholar of Christ Church, Oxford.
English Loanwords in Modern Greek
By Donald C. Swanson.
Morphological Greek Words
Morphological Analyses for Inflected Greek Words.

Greek Vocabulary Tool
Perseus Vocabulary Tool - Greek Vocabulary Tool.
Greek Lexicon
Liddel and Scott Greek Lexicon .
Greek Dictionary (PDF document) New
This article deals with word-formation in Modern Greek.
Online Search
Lexicon to Pindar by William J. Slater: Greek Prose, Greek Poetry, Greek Texts.
Greek Spellchecker
Kypros.org: Spell checking in Greek.
From Ancient Greek to Modern Greek (PDF document) New
This article deals with word-formation in the diachrony of the Greek language.
A Homeric Dictionary
Georg Autenrieth, A Homeric Dictionary: Greek Prose, Greek Poetry, Greek Texts.
Glossary of Internet Terms in Greek
Microsoft Definitions of Internet Terms in Greek.
Greek and English lexicon
A new Greek and English lexicon: principally on the plan of the Greek and German lexicon of Schneider, the words alphabetically arranged ... by Donnegan, James; Schneider, Johann Gottlob, 1750-1822; Patton, R. B. (Robert Bridges), 1794-1839.
Greek Words in Context
Lookup Tool: Metadata Searches vs. Content Searches - Searching Greek and Latin texts.
Some Rules for Modern Greek Nicknames
By Aristotle Katranides.
The New Testament Greek Lexicon
Crosswalk.com: Testament Greek or English Word Translation.
Dictionary Hawaiian (Google eBook)
A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language: To which is Appended an English-Hawaiian Vocabulary and Chronological Table of Remarkable Events by Lorrin Andrews.
Dialogoi Hellēno-Tourko-Gallo-Anglo-Italikoi
meta Hellenikon charaktērōn.
Olympic Games historical glossary (Gr - Fr)
Greek - English Olympic Games historical glossary.
New Testament Greek Lexicon
The New Testament Greek Lexicon - Enter a Strong's Number, Greek or English Word.

Other Greek Dictionary Translation

Eurodict Greek-Bulgarian Dictionary
Eurodict - Free Online Dictionary Bulgarian Turkish English properties property.
Greek online dictionaries
Greek bilingual dictionary often has more entries than Greek dictionary.
Greek French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Grec Français.
Greek Serbian Dictionary - Includes translations (Greek, Serbian).
Swedish-Greek Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Greek Dictionary from Lexin.
Greek-Serbian-Greek Dictionary
Grcko-srpsko-grcki RECNIK Theophilos Vamvakos.
Hebrew and Greek Lexicon
Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon.
Convert any Greeklish to Greek!
All Greek to me! Convert any Greeklish to Greek!.

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