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On-line Bargery Hausa-English Dictionary
A Hausa-English Dictionary (39000 words) and English-Hausa Vocabulary (4600 words).
Hausa Verbs
Verbs in Hausa Language.
Hausa-English-German Dictionary
Hausa-English-German Online Dictionary
Hausa is the Chadic language with the largest number of speakers, spoken as a first language by about 24 million people, and as a second language by about 15 million more. (Wikipedia 2006).
Dictionnaire Zaar
Za:r - English - Hausa Dictionary.
Hausa Query
The English-To-Hausa Query.
Hausa-English Dictionary
A Hausa-English Dictionary (39000 words) and English-Hausa Vocabulary (4600 words).
Hausa Studies
The Conceptual Structure of 'coming' and 'going' in Hausa.
Karekare- English-Hausa Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Yobe Languages Research Project. This is the SECOND EDITION of the Karekare-English-Hausa Dictionary.
The 200 Word Project Hausa.
Hausa Dictionary - Volume 2
Dictionary of the Hausa language by Robinson, Charles H. (Charles Henry Robinson D.D.), 1861-1925.
Hausa-Boko-German-English Dictionary
Online searchable quatralingual dictionar.
Vocabulary Hausa (Google eBook)
Vocabulary of the Haussa language: Part I: English and Haussa. Part II: Hausa and English and Phrase, Specimens of Translation by James Frederick Schön.
Hausa Names
Hausa Names For Plants and Trees.
Between oral and written tradition
The concept of 'truth' (gaskiya) in Hausa.
Hausa-English Dictionary-Hausa Dictionary
Zaar English Hausa Dictionary.
Hausa names
Hausa names of some common birds around hadejia-nguru wetlands Isa Dutse and Roger Blench 2003.
Online English to Hausa Dictionary
Online English to Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and Pidgin Dictionary.
Hausa Proverbs
Hausa proverbs by Merrick, George Charleton, 1872-1913.
HAUSAR BAKA Vocabulary
Hausa-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format).
Branch of Chadic languages (Scribd ebook)
Zaar English-Hausa Dictionary.
Hausa language
'Woman' and 'man' in Hausa language and culture.
English Hausa Query
The English-To-Hausa Query.
Hausa Orientation
Brief orientation to Hausa. Pronunciation, greetings & common phrases, fruits & vegetables. This section is still actively being developed (as of July 2011) so check back day by day for new material.

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