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Hawaiian Dictionary
Mo'o and Lolo's Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian Dictionary - This on-line dictionary contains close to 5,000 Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian words. These are most of the frequently used words and definitions. In the Hawaiian language, most words have multiple meanings and sometimes hidden meanings.
Hawaiian Names (Word Document)
Find out what your name is in Hawaiian!
Hawaiian word List
Essential Hawaiian word list.
Glossary Hawaiian (PDF document) New
Glossary of Common Hawaiian Vocabulary.
Hawaiian Dictionary - A brief Hawaiian dictionary - Essential Hawaiian Words - Hawaiian Words of Love
Listen to the Hawaiian language spoken by native speakers.
Hawaiian Dictionary
Mamaka Kaiao Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian Dictionary.
Loanwords in Hawaiian
Loanwords in the World's Languages: A Comparative Handbook.
Hawaiian-English Dictionary
The Hawaiian language and Hawaiian-English dictionary: a complete grammar.
Puke Wehewehe
Small dictionary of Hawaiian vocabulary.
Hawaiian Dictionary
The purpose of Ulukau, the Hawaiian Electronic Library, and its younger sister site, the Hawai?i Digital Library, is to make these resources available for the use, teaching, and enhancement of the Hawaiian language.
Hawaiian Dictionary
Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library.
Canoe plants of ancient Hawaii
List of Hawaiian names for plants carried in Polynesian voyaging canoes with the English equivalents.
Hawaiian Phrases
Popular Hawaiian Words and Phrases!
Common Hawaiian Words
On this page we list some of the more common Hawaiian words and phrases.
Hawaiian Glossary
Native Tongue a Hawaiian Glossary.
Hawaiian Dictionary
Mrs. Kaopuiki's fourth grade students are illustrating Hawaiian word in creating a Hawaiian language dictionary.
Native Tongue - The Language of the Hawaiian Islands
A brief glossary of several Hawaiian words.
Hawaiian Medical Plants
List of Hawaiian medicinal plant names with English.
Hawaiian Dictionary
Fat Cat Solutions - Hawaiian Language - Find a word.
Hawaiian Glossary
Hawaii's Visitor Guides: Hawaiian Glossary.
Hawaiian-English lexicon
Wordlists English-Hawaiian and Hawaiian-English. Text-File.

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