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From Head to Toe in Hittite
The Language of the Human Body - 'Go the the Land I Will Show You'. Studies in Honor of Dwight W. Young, 1996.
The Hittite Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
The Hittite Dictionary of the Original Institute of the University of Chicago.
Hittite Lexicon (Word Document)
Hittite English Dictionary.
Chicago Hittite Dictionary
The Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project is a project of the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute.
Etymology Hittite
On the Etymology of Hittite kappar 'vegetable, a product of the garden'.
Hittite Etymologies and Notes
Hittite, etymology, Proto-Indo-European, historical phonology and semantics.
Hittite Dictionary (Word Document)
Hittite English Dictionary.
The Hittite Name for 'Garlic' New
By Krzysztof Witczak (2006).
Oil in Hittite Texts
The Biblical Archaeologist, Vol. 58, No.2, Anatolian Archaeology: A Tribute to Peter Neve., 1995 by Harry Hoffner.
Hittite Words List
Hittite Dictionary.

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