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Inupiaq, Iñupiaq, Inupiak or Inupiatun is a group of dialects of the Inuit language spoken in northern and northwestern Alaska. There are roughly 10,000 speakers of these dialects; the people are known as Inupiat. (Wikipedia 2006).
Kobuk Inupiat Junior Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Introduction based on version written by Edna A. Maclean.
Inupiaq Spellchecker
How to Install the Inupiaq Spellchecker with Microsoft Word.
Inupiaq and the Schools
Inupiaq and the Schools, A Handbook for Teachers.
Yup'ik Eskimo Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Introduction to the analytical index with annotations by M. Krauss.
Iñupiaq Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Abridged Iñupiaq and English Dictionary.
Iñupiaq Dictionary
Alaska Native Language Interactive Dictionaries.
Yup'ik Eskimo Dictionary
The Second Edition of the Yup'ik Eskimo Dictionary represents an important new contribution to scholarship on Central Alaskan Yup'ik ...
Iñupiat Eskimo Dictionary
Donald H. Webster and Wilfried Zibell, Illustrated by Thelma A. Webster, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc., Fairbanks, Alaska, 1970.
Iñupiaq-English Dictionary (Word Document)
Iñupiaq to English Word Document Dictionary.
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How We Made the Online Iñupiaq Dictionary .

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