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Dict.info Italian Dictionaries
Italian bilingual dictionaries for English, Czech, French, German, Norwegian Bokmal, Russian, and Slovak.
English-Italian Picture Dictionary
English/Italian Picture Dictionary: EnchantedLearning.com.
Italian-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (Italian-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
The LOGOS Dictionary
The dictionary currently has 7.580.560 entries (total for all languages).
The Internet Picture Dictionary:
Online multilingual picture dictionary with interactive activities for Italian, English, French,..
Glossario Informatico
Useful for translating for English to Italian or reverse.
Marcello Napolitano's Italian Glossary List
English to Italian Dictionary.
Technical glossary IT-EN
Italian to English Translation Glossary from Tenaris Dalmine.
Qaamuuska Xisaabta-English
Somali-English ItalianOnline Mathematical Dictionary.
Tourist's Italian Dictionary
Useful italian phrases for tourists.
Alternative Italian Dictionary
Word play, puns, double entendres and malapropisms.
Italian Acronyms
Glossary of Italian abbreviations, acronyms, and initials.

Italian Language Dictionary
Italian/English glossary.
Italian Adult Slang
Expletives, off–color phrases, euphemisms, epithets.
Italian Proverbs
Italian proverbs and sayings with English translations.
Italian Slang Dictionary
The Alternative Italian Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
English-Italian Dictionary File
The Internet Dictionary Project: Download the Dictionary Files.
Dental Terms Dictionary - English to Italian (Zip file)
This dictionary contains 530 Dental terms translated in Italian. Contributed by Eric Nelson.
Astronomy English-Italian Dictionary (Zip file)
Astronomy Terms Dictionary English-Italian-English.
Arredamento - Larosa Design and Consulting (IT, EN)
Larosa Design & Consulting: Glossario di termini di design e arredamento.
Dizionario Online Italiano Inglese
The dictionary contains over 400,000 entries and you can also search for Italian synonyms.
Dizionario tecnico informatico moreorless
The glossary is listed with by the English word, with the Italian translation.

Other Italian Dictionary Translation

Venet (venetian) language?
What is the venet (venetian) language?
Genovese Italiano
Alcune parole che non ho trovato nel Dizionario Genovese - Italiano e viceversa Ufficiale On-Line.
Celtic vocabulary
Il vocabolario celtico.
Italian-Portuguese On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Italian-Portuguese) contains 3,500 terms.
Dictionary French Italian
il Francese compatto Zanichelli Dizionario Francese-Italiano.
Dictionary Germany Italian
il Sansoni Tedesco Dizionario Deutsch-Italienisch / Italiano-Tedesco.
Dictionary Italian
il Sabatini Coletti - Dizionario della Lingua Italiana

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