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English-Kazakh Online Translator.
Kazakh Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
The Kazakh-English Dictionary by BORIS N. SHNITNIKOV.
Kazakh Dictionaries - English Interface
Dictionary Kazakh-English, Kazakh-Russian, Dictionary of synonyms, Kazakh explanotary dictionary, Dialectical Dictionary (16862 words), Kazakh explanotary dictionary (84696 words), spelling dictionary (16540 words), Kazakh-arabic vocabulary (2604 words) and Kazakh-Turkish dictionary (1020 words).
Kazakh Dictionary
Short Old Turkic.
phrases Kazakh-English
Common Usual Phrases Kazakh English.
Etymology Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Etymological Kazakh Dictionary.
Dictionary Kazakh (in downloadable PDF format)
]Kazakh Language Course for Peace Corps - Live Lingua.
Kazakh English Dictionary
Kazakh, Russian and English Dictionary
Kazakça Dictionary
Kazakh Turkish Dictionary with Latin Alphabet Keyboard.
Kazakh Translation
Kazakh Russian Translation Online Free.

Kazakh Russian Dictionary Translation

Kazakh-Russian Dictionary
Kazakh Russian and Russian KazakhDictionary.
phrases Kazakh-English
Common Usual Phrases Kazakh English.
Kazakh-Russian Translation
The Large Kazakh-Russian-English Dictionary.

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