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Gilbertese Dictionary
English/I-Kiribati I-Kiribat/English Dictionary. Gilbertese or i-Kiribati (sometimes Kiribatese, a mixture of both) is a language from the Austronesian family, part of the Oceanian branch and of the Nuclear Micronesian subbranch. (Wikipedia 2006).
Freelang Dictionary
Freelang Kiribati-English dictionary.
Kiribati-English Dictionary
A Combined Kiribati-English Dictionary based on the works of Hiram Bingham, D.D. and Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C. (translated by Sr. M. Oliva).
Kiribati Dictionary
FREELANG Kiribati-English-Kiribati online dictionary.
Kiribati Dictionary
Kiribati - English Finderlist.
Hale's Tarawan Vocabulary
Hale's Tarawan Vocabulary (1846) - The first known description of Gilbertese was published in 1846, in the Ethnology and Philology volume of the report of the U.S. Exploring Expedition 1838-42, compiled by Horatio (Emmons) Hale.
Kiribati-English Glossary
Kiribati - English Glossary for the Communication and Culture Handbook (1523 entries).

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