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The Talking Kyrgyz Phrasebook
Below, you will find several useful phrases and words. To the left is the English and to the above right is an English transliteration of the Kyrgyz translation.
Russian-Kyrgyz words
Russian-Kyrgyz online words.
Kyrgyz Dictionary
Kyrgyz-Turkish Dictionary.
Russian-Kyrgyz Dictionary
Russian-Kyrgyz monolingual dictionary.
English-Kyrgyz Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Multi Language Dictionary for Disaster Reduction developed ...
Tamgasoft Dictionary
Kyrghyz Dictionary in English, French and Russian Language.
Kyrgyz names in Russian
Meanings of Kyrgyz names in Russian.
The Talking Kyrgyz Phrasebook
Below the English transliteration is a Russian transliteration. Kyrgyz uses a modified Cyrillic alphabet nearly identical to the Russian.
Spell Checker
Spell Kyrghyz Language.
Kyrgyz Dictionary Volume 1 (PDF 63Mb) - Volume 2 (PDF 57MB)
Famous Kyrgyz-Russian Dictionary of K.K.Yudakhin.
Turkic Dictionaries
Comparative and Etymological dictionaries.
Kyrgyz-Russian Glossary
Kyrgyz-Russian and Russian-Kyrgyz Online Glossary.

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