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Luganda-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
This dictionary was written by a learner and a native speaker of Luganda by Leah Sternefeld and Sseguya Francis Nickshere 2015.
Luganda Dictionary (Archive.org, Jan 20, 2008)
Luganda English Dictionary.
Luganda Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Luganda Scientific Terminologies Research.
Luganda Phrasebook
A Luganda Phrasebook.
Luganda-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
A Style Manual for English-Luganda-English Dictionary Definers And Luganda Terminological Modernizers K.B. KIINGI, Ph.D., D. Litt. (des) Institute of Languages Makerere University.
English-Luganda - McGill University (in downloadable PDF format)
English-Luganda Bilingualism.

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