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English-Maltese Dictionary
Online English to Maltese to English Dictionary.
English / Maltese Dictionary
English-Maltese Online Dictionary-with a joystick.
Basic English-Maltese Dictionary Compiled by Grazio Falzon.
English - Maltese and Maltese - English Dictionary
English - Maltese - English on-line dictionary.
Useful Maltese phrases
A collection of useful phrases in Maltese.
English Maltese Dictionary
Maltese is the national language of Malta, and an official language of the European Union. It is the only Semitic language written in the Latin alphabet in its standard form. The english maltese dictionary was launched august 2006.
Dictionary Maltese to English - A-H - I-Z
Diziunariu mill Malti ghall Inglis by Vincenzo Busuttil.
English maltese dictionary dizzjunarju ingliz malti
English maltese dictionary english maltese translation maltese dictionary dizzjunarju,ingliz,malti.
Maltese-English lexicon - English-Maltese Lexicon
Wordlists English-Maltese and Maltese-English. Text-File.
Survival Maltese
Survival Maltese By Grazio Falzon.
English-Maltese Dictionary (Google eBook)
Maltese-English, English-Maltese dictionary and phrasebook par Grazio Falzon.
Maltese surnames
Some phonological changes in Maltese reflected in onomastics by Andrei A. Avram.
Malta Online Dictionary
Malta Online Dictionary - Word Search online dictionary

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Maltese Surnames
Vestiges of Arabic Nomencalture in Maltese Surnames.
Dictionary Maltese-German
Online Dictionary Maltese-German.
an open lexicon for Maltese.
Maltese Dictionary - Proverbs Maltese (Italian Language)
Dictionary for Maltese, Latin and Italian Language by Michelantonio Vassalli (1796).
Online Dictionary Maltese-German

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