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Mongolian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Mongolian Englisch Dictionary compiled by Mattai Haltod, ...
English-Mongolian Dictionary
Bolor Toli: Online Mongolian-English and English-Mongolian Dictionary.
Mongolian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format) - Volume 2 -Volume 3
A Dictionary of foreign words in Mongolian.
Linguamongolia Dictionary
Linguamongolia Online English-Mongolian Dictionary.
Mongolian language Dictionary
Монгол хэлний их тайлбар толь 
Monuments in Uighur-Mongolian Script (in downloadable PDF format) New
(XIII-XVI centuries) Introduction, Transcription and Bibliography, Academia Sinica, Institute of Linguistics / D. Tumurtogoo, G. Cecegdari. Taipei, Taiwan, 2006
Online Mongolian Dictionary
German-Mongolian, Russian-Mongolian, English-Mongolian and Mongolian-English Dictionaries Online.
Mongolian Monuments in Phags-pa Scrip (in downloadable PDF format) New
Mongolian Introduction, Transliteration, Transcription and Bibliography.
Mongolia Today
Mongolia Today - Mongolian Phrases Info New! - Listing of basic Mongolian phrases.
Mongolian Etymological Dictionary
Mongolian Etymological Dictionary compiled by Andras Rajki 2006.
Mongolian-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Mongolian-English Dictionary in 3 volumes by Folke Boerg.
Mongolian-English Dictionary
At this moment, the Mongolian - English Dictionary has a number of 5,895 words in mongolian ...
Linguamongolia Dictionary
Linguamongolia Dictionary Mongolian English.
Etymology Mongolian
Mongolian Etymological Dictionary compiled by Andras Rajki.
Mongolian IT Dictionary
Englisch to Mongolian IT Dictionary.
Mongolian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format) New
The language of Mongolian texts of the XIII-XIV centuries. Moscow 1999.
English Mongolian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English Mongolian Phrase Book.

Other Mongolian Dictionary Translation

Altan Tobchi (in downloadable PDF format) New
Language "Altan Tobchi", Moscow, Science, 1984.
Mongolian-French Dictionary
Dictionary Mongolian Word.
Mongolian Russian Dictionary
Word Document Mongolian Dictionary.
Mongolian online
Dictionnaire Mongol Français / Mongolian French dictionary.

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