English-Nauruan Dictionary Online and Free English-Nauruan Translation

Petit-Skinner's Nauruan English
Nauruan-English Vocabulary from Solange Petit-Skinner's "The Nauruans". Petit-Skinner's "The Nauruans" contains many examples of Nauruan vocabulary throughout the text, and in the appendices on fish names and reef channels.
FREELANG Dictionary
FREELANG Nauruan-English-Nauruan online dictionary.
Nauruan Swadesh List
Nauruan Swadesh List Tri-Institutional Pacific Program Yale University.
Nauruan Language
Nauruan is one of the least known languages of Micronesia.
Delaporte's Nauruan Dictionary - Deutsch-Nauru-Englisch
German-Nauruan Dictionary - Taschenworterbuch Deutsch-Nauru.
Delaporte's Nauruan Dictionary
Delaporte's Nauruan Dictionary D-G (1907).

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