English-The Dictionary of Old English

The Dictionary of Old English
The Dictionary of Old English Centre for Medieval Studies University of Toronto.
EOW: Englisc Onstigende Wordboc
EOW is an online tool which attempts to translate single words from Modern English to Old English, and vice-versa.
Modern English to Old English Vocabulary
Extensive list of modern English words with their Old English equivalents.
Old English Dictionary
From here you can find both Old to Modern and Modern to Old English Dictionaries. .
Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English
Parsed Corpora of Middle English and Modern English texts. Annotated for syntax and for part of speech.
The Dictionary of Old English Plant Names
The dictionary team is based at two universities: part of the work (mainly the collection of the material and the identification of the plants) ...
Old English Online
This Base Form Dictionary index lists, in an alphabetical order suitable to the language.
Latin-Anglo-Saxon Glossary
An eight-century Latin-Anglo-Saxon glossary, preserved in the library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (ms. no.144).
Old English Lexicon
The official web site of Northvegr - Old English Lexicon.
Thesaurus of Old English (TOE)
A Thesaurus of Old English is an electronic version of the second impression of A Thesaurus of Old English, first published by King's College London in 1995.
Old English Vocabulary
Anglo-Saxon and Old English vocabularies by Wright, Thomas.
Old English-English lexicon - English-Old English Lexicon
Wordlists English-Old English and Old English-English. Text-File.
Old English Glossary
Old English Glossary for Beowulf.

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