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Quenya Reverse Wordlist (PDF) New
Wordlist by Helge K. Fauskanger.
English-Quenya Dictionary (PDF Document)
Quenya-English and English-Quenya Dictionary.
Quenya-English (Word Document) - English-Quenya (Word Document)
As for Tolkien's earliest "Qenya" as described in the "Qenya Lexicon" of 1915, no attempt has been made to include all of this material ...
Quenya Dictionary (PDF Document)
Quenya English Dictionary - Taryn East.
Newwords New
This little wordlist is an attempt to collect those Quenya words which are not found (at least not exactly in such forms) in published corpus, but are commonly used by writers because of the lack of vocabulary.
Quenya Dictionary (Word Document)
English Quenya Dictionary.
Quenya Wordlists New
The latter lists Quenya words written backwards, so that words that rhyme or have the same endings are grouped together (useful both for poets and for people studying Quenya derivational endings).
Quenya Language
The Language of the Elves
English-Quenya Dictionary (PDF) - Quenya-English Dictionary (PDF)New
Quenya Dictionary by Helge K. Fauskanger.

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