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Sranan-English Online Dictionary (Suriname).
Sranan (also Sranan Tongo "Surinamean tongue", Taki-Taki, Surinaams, Surinamese, Suriname Creole English) is a creole language spoken as a native language by approximately 120,000 people in Suriname. (Wikipedia 2006).
Sranan-English Dictionary
Language Learner's Sranan-English Online Dictionary.
English-Sranan mini-Dictionary
The languages of Suriname - English-Sranan mini-dictionary.
Sranan Dictionary(in downloadable PDF format)
Sranan Tongo - English Dictionary.
Sranan Dict (in downloadable PDF format)
The dictionary uses the official spelling for Sranan Tongo which was adopted in 1987.
Nederlands - Sarnami Hindoestani
Sarnami Hindoestani Dictionary.
Sranan Tongo English Dictionary
Fully searchable with sample sentences, part-of-speech and usage information.
A Carib grammar and Dictionary
Dictionary including work on this grammar and dictionary, has been financially ..... loanwords in French Guiana, Dutch or Surinamese (Sranan Tongo).
Sranan-English lexicon
Wordlists English-Sranan and Sranan-English. Text-File.
Sranan Tongo
Sranan Tongo - Nederlands Online Interaktief Woordenboek.

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