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Tajik Dictionary
Tajik, English and Russian Dictionary.
Tajik Thematic Dictionary.
Tajik To Persian (in downloadable PDF format)
From Persian To Tajik To Persian: Culture, Politics And Law Reshape A Central Asian Language. John R. Perry The University of Chicago.
Tajiki-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Tadzh Beginner Tajik.
Dictionary Tajik
Dictionary Tajik-English.
Tajikistan v. dictionaries and encyclopedias
Dictionaries of proverbs and idiomatic phrases have been prepared by both the scholar and layman since early decades of Tajikistan.
Tajik Lexicon (in downloadable PDF format)
Yaghnobi English Tajik Lexicon.
Tajik Language Dictionary - Volume 2
Farhangi tafsirii zaboni Tojiki - Iborat az 2 jild by Nazarzoda, Saifiddin by Nazarzoda, Saifiddin.
Tajik language Dictionary
Farhangi tafsirii zaboni Tojiki.

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