English-Tatar Dictionary Online and Free English-Tatar Translation

Russian-Tatar Dictionary - Tatar-Russian Dictionary
Basic dictionary contains more than 85,000 Tatar and Russian foundations that allows you to analyze and generate the translation of the order of 4 million. Word forms for each language.
English-Tatar Dictionary
Online Bilingual English-Tatar Dictionary.
Russian-Tatar Phrasebook
Russian-Tatar phrasebook is designed for those who want to Tatar on everyday topics: introduction, transport, store, hotel, etc.
Tatar Dictionary
Russian Karachai-Balkar and Tatar Dictionary.
Tatar-Turkish Words
Tatars sometimes spelled Tartar (more about the name), are a Turkic ethnic group or a couple of ethnic groups. (From Wikipedia)
English-Tatar Translator
This app is free and online. English Tatar Translator app is designed to simplify translation from English to Tatar, and vice versa.
Useful phrases in Tatar
A collection of useful phrases in Tatar, a Turkic language spoken mainly in Tatarstan in the Russian Federation.
Tatar-Russian translator
Tatar-Russian and Russian-Tatar Electronic Machine Translator.
Tatar Glossary. New
Tatar-Turkish Glossary.
Tatar Dictionary
Tatar-Russian Dictionary.

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