Dictionary between Turkmen and English Translation Online

Turkmen Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
This dictionary was intended to further understanding between English and Turkmen speakers. It may be freely distributed for educational purposes.
Turkmen Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Turkmen English Dictionary.
English-Turkmen Glossary (Textfile)
Small online English-Turkmen Glossary Glossary - Text-Format.
Turkmen/English Dictionary (Word Document)
Downloadable dictionary.
Turkmen Language
Turkmen language grammar.
Turkmen English Dictionary
This dictionary has 8,500 head words and many examples.
English Turkmen Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Turkmen-English and English-Turkmen Dictionary Written, edited, and published by Peace Corps turkmenistan.
Turkmen Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
This is a PDF version of the dictionary.
Turkmen Dictionary (Word Document)
Turkmen English Dictionary.
Turkmen - English Glossary
Small Glossary Turkmen - English: This is just the initial notes for what later became the Turkmen English Dictionary project.
Turkmen Etymological Dictionary
A Concise Gagauz Dictionary with etymologies and Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen cognates.
Turkmen Dictionary
Turkmen-English Dictionary.
Glossary Turkmen - English
Small Glossary (2,000 words) Small online Turkmen-English Glossary - Text-Format.
Turkmen Engl
Welcome to Isman Online Turkmen Dictionary.
Ene dilim
Türkmen dilinin düsündirisli sögzlügi.
English-Turkmen online Dictionary
FREELANG Turkmen-English and English-Turkmen online dictionary.
Turkmen-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format) - Automatically-generated reverse (English-Turkmen) Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Türkmençe-inlisçe sözlük.
Turkmen Dictionary
Turkmen Dictionary with Grammar and Turkmen - English Glossary.
Turkmen Dictionary
English- Turkish Dictionary.

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