English-Uyghur Dictionary Online and Free English-Uyghur Translation

The Uyghur - English Dictionary Project
An Uyghur to English Etymological Dictionary.
Uyghur English Dictionary
Uyghur English Dictionary/Uyghurche Ingilizche Lughet (Uyghur, English, Chinese Multidirectional).
Free Uighur Dictionary
Random Word of English-Uighur.
Uighur Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English–Uighur Dictionary - Lonely Planet.
Uighur Dictionary (PDF document)
A Concise Uighur-English Dictionary.
Uyghur Proverbs (PDF document) New
Freinds, enemies, and fools: a Collection of Uyghur Proverbs by Michael Fiddler, ...
Eastern Turki Glossary
First digital glossary of Eastern Turki! This is a beta version and work in progress. This glossary first appeared as Part Three of Gustav Raquette, Eastern Turki Grammar: Practical and Theoretical with Vocabulary ...
Uyghur conversation (PDF document)
Uyghur vocabulary, Expression and common Phrases.
Uyghur Chinese Dictionary
Uyghur-Chinese-Uyghur Dictionary.
KONTOVAS (in downloadable PDF format)New
An analysis of recent loans into the Standard Uyghur lexicon.

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