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Warlpiri Classes: yuwayi lawa marda ngaka kutu wiyarrpa yaruju!
Warlpiri Dictionary Work
Warlpiri Dictionary work by Kevin Jansz, Christopher Manning, and Nitin Indurkhya.
The Warlpiri language is spoken by about 3000 of the Warlpiri people in Australia's Northern Territory. It is one of the Ngarrkic languages of the large Southwest branch of the Pama-Nyungan family, and is one of the largest aboriginal languages in Australia in terms of number of speakers. (Wikipedia 2006).
Warlpiri-English Dictionary (Text File)
This dictionary is in data base form, with the various types of information being coded through the use of backslash markers consisting of the backslash symbol "\" followed by one or two letters.

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