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Linguistics Glossary
Glossary of linguistic terms. This is a living glossary, and suggestions are welcome for additions or corrections. Please send your comments to: SIL International Linguistics Coordinator.
The Linguistics Definitions Page
These are just the beginnings of a list of definitions of linguistic terms. The list will slowly be expanded as time goes on.
Linguistic glossary
Small glossary of linguistics.
Glossary Linguistic
This is a living glossary, and suggestions are welcome for additions or corrections. Glossary of linguistic terms by Eugene E. Loos (general editor), Susan Anderson (editor) ...
Advanced Certificate in English Grammar
London Teacher Training College (LTTC) English Grammar Glossary.
Semiotics for Beginners
Glossary of Semiotics Terms by Daniel Chandler.
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
OneLook's reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept.
Teaching of Vocabulary Glossary
Terms for the Study and Teaching of Vocabulary.
A Little Glossary of Semantics
Rastier's Glossary of Semantics, translated by Larry Marks.
English Language Roots The Meanings of Word Prefixes, Suffixes & Syllables.
Action Verbs -- Alphabetical Listing
A list of verbs to help you brag about your accomplishments on a resume.You can choose to view the list alphabetically or by skill categories.
Dictionary Lexikologie primarily represents a useful instrument for students of German Linguistics.
The Government of Canada's terminology and linguistic database
Information about the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada's CD-ROM database.
the Bilingual Families Web Page
Information about and for bilingual families.
Glottopedia Free Encyclopedia of Linguistics
Glottopedia is a freely editable encyclopedia for linguists by linguists that is currently being built up.
Dictionary of English Phonesthemes
a listing of the often overlooked sound-symbols in the English language.
Linguistics IPA LAB
The following page provides a graphic interface for exploring the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Glossary of Toponymic Terminology
Toponymic Terminology by Edited by Naftali Kadmon Convenor, Working Group on Terminology.
Glossary of Linguistic Terms
The SIL Glossary of Linguistic Terms provides information in the form of glossaries and bibliographies designed to support fieldwork and linguistic research.
Linguistics Lexicon
Lexicon of Linguistics Editors: Johan Kerstens, Eddy Ruys, Joost Zwarts Utinstitute of Linguistics OTS.
Lexeme-Morpheme Base
The theory is formally described in Lexeme - Morpheme Base Morphology ...
Stylistic Features A Glossary
Higher Results Consultancy, 1998.
Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Englishbiz - written by an English teacher to guide you to a higher grade.
Glossary of Applied Linguistics
Terms used in the discussions of spelling and orthographic reform.
Abbreviations and importatnt terms
Associations and institutions Abbreviations.
Linguistics Glossary
With the wonderful exception of Lexicon of Linguistics, few resources for linguistics terms are available on the Internet, and printed dictionaries of terms are incomplete at best. Building this glossary is planned to be an ongoing project.
Electronic Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Throughout the SIL-Mexico website, green underlined words are links to definitions in this glossary.
Linguistics and Phonetics
Department of Linguistics and Phonetics is now a part of Centre for Languages and Literature.
Dictionary Linguistics
Systematic Dictionary of Corpus Linguistics.
Linguistic Terms
Glossary of Linguistic Terms.
Glossary Linguistic
Glossary of Linguistic Terms.
Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Computer Science A Glossary of Linguistic Terms by Dr Peter Coxhead.
Glossary of linguistic terms
School of Languages, Linguistics and Film home page.
Linguistic Terms
Glossary of Linguistic Terms.
The Language Construction Kit
This set of webpages (what's a set of webpages? a webchapter?) is intended for anyone who wants to create artificial languages-- for a fantasy or an alien world, as a hobby, as an interlanguage.
Language Facts
Mr. Smarty Pants Language Facts.
Glossary (includes abbreviations) Linguistics
They are explained in the glossary, as well as abbreviations ...
Linguistics Glossary
Welcome to An Animated & Narrated Glossary of Terms Used in Linguistics.
Lexicon of Linguistics
Here are some definitions of Linguistics Terminology.
Linguistic Terms
Glossary of linguistic terms.
Language Varieties Web Site
This site is about varieties of language that differ from the standard variety that is normally used in the media and taught in the schools.
Glossary of Applied Linguistics
Terms used in the discussions of spelling & orthographic reform.
Language Museum
The Language Museum is a linguistic website which offers the samples of 2000 languages in the world.
Linguistics Glossary
Linguistics and Language Glossary by Vivian Cook.

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