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Macquarie Dictionary
Macquarie Dictionary you with the complete Macquarie Dictionary with annual updates and the Macquarie Thesaurus. Australia's National Dictionary covering English Australian words and terms.
Australian Slang
G'day, mate! Learn these Australian slang words and phrases.
English (Australian): Larry's Aussie Slang
Larry's Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary.
Australian slang dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Australian Slang. G'day, mate! Learn these Australian slang words and phrases.
Australian Idiom and Slang
25 Awesome Australian Slang Terms.
Australian Slang (in downloadable PDF format)
A very short dictionary of Australian slang.
Dictionary of Australian Slang and Sayings
A collection of Australian slang, sayings and phrases, from the old, disappearing traditional words, to the present day.
Aussie Slang Webring
WebRing of Australian content to link Australians worldwide, and inform the world of what Australia is all about.
Aussie Slang Page for Non-Aussies
Feather Foot's Aussie Slang Page for Non-Aussies.
Australian Slang and Translations
Celebrating The Things That Make Australia Unique.
Australian Slang
Australian Slang Dictionary with unique Aussie phrases and Australian Slang words.
Strine and Australian Slang
Glossary of unique Australian words and phrases.
Australian Hypocoristics
How Australians use hypocoristics - La Trobe University.
Hillwalking Slang and Jargon Dictionary
Hillwalking / Hiking / Mountaineering / Rockclimbing Slang and Jargon Dictionary.
American-Australian Slang Dictionary
A dictionary of American slang containing many rude words not usually heard in polite company.
Australian Slang
Australian slang is a unique 'dialect' that is widely spoken across Australia. Many words have now been adopted across the globe.
Australian English Glossary
Australian English Glossary from A to Zed.
The Aussie Slang: bogan melbourne slang.
Aussie Lingo
An amusing list of typical Aussie Slang terms.

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