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Everyday English and Slang in Ireland
This site ist the original, deadliest Irish Slang site, filling up - even as you read! - with colourful Irish English, or Hiberno English as the academics call it; copied without credit by gurriers all over the web, but updated here regularly.
British Slang
The Best of British - British Slang.
British Slang Dictionary
British Slang Dictionary and Translator, Translate British to American and American to British.
Geordie Dictionary
The New Geordie Dictionary.
Friends of Norfolk Dialect
Friends of Norfolk Dialect,FOND,,to preserve and record linguistic and cultural heritage.
United Kingdom English for the American Novice
The items in this dictionary were collected while I lived in the United Kingdom from 1981 to 1983. The work is no longer maintained and so contains dated references to people of the time. The definitions are my interpretation of explanations from Brits with whom I came in contact and hence may not be complete or even totally accurrate.
Lancashire dialect
Lancashire Dialect - Completely Lanky.
Language Northern Ireland
The Lovely Language of Northern Ireland.
Whoohoo - Ali G Translator - Cockney Rhyming Slang Translator - Irish Translator - Scouse Translator - Yorkshire Chicken Run Translator - Brummie Translator - Geordie Translator - Scottie Translator - Jolly Well Spoken Translator - The British Dialect Translator.
A Bristolian Dictionary
Dictionary Sampler - a section of the humorous 'That Be Bristle' news website.
The Lovely Language of Northern Ireland
The Language of Northern Ireland - Well, it took me a while to get used to it. Here are some tips!
World Wide Words: Complete general index
This index contains links to every piece on the site, organised by titles. It does not provide comprehensive cross-references for all phrases, as this would increase the bulk of the index even further.
TeesSpeak an Urban Dialect
The dictionary of the dialect of Teeside.
The Routes of English
The local dialects surviving the pervasive influence of estuary english?
The Lakeland Dialect Society
This dictionary is compiled from suggestions from contributors (See below). We wish to avoid the temptation of simply copying from the books that are available.
Estuary English
Estuary English is a name given to the form(s) of English widely spoken in and around London and, more generally, in the southeast of England — along the river Thames and its estuary.
the rich heritage of speech coined and used in Liverpool and the wider area of Merseyside.

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