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Cockney Rhyming Slang
London cockney rhyming slang words, expressions, meanings, translations, explanations and origins, and australian rhyming slang expressions. Cockney rhyming slang is an amusing, widely under-estimated part of the English language.
xCockney rhyming slang (sometimes abbreviated as CRS) is a form of English slang which originated in the East End of London.(Wikipedia 2006).
London Slang
Learn About London Slang. The English language wears many masks. An American could travel to London and hear a number of phrases and lingo that are entirely unfamiliar. Broadly speaking, British English is any dialect of the language spoken throughout the United Kingdom
English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom
Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms of the UK.
Double-Tongued Word Wrester
A growing dictionary of words from the fringes of English, including jargon, slang, and loan words.
London Slang
The English language contains a rich array of slang words and phrases. This can be particularly seen when examining the day to day language of the average Londoner.
English Sayings
1000 English Proverbs and Sayings.
The Online Slang Dictionary
A global dictionary of English slang.
A Dictionary of Offensive & Insulting Slang
This extensive dictionary of slang consists of terms and expressions that are considered offensive, vituperative and insulting.
Pseudo Dictionary
Collaborative slang dictionary collecting new words, webspeak, and colloquialisms from users.

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