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Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator
Internet Slang Dictionary - Words Starting With A - A guide to everyday acronyms and obscure abbreviations.
Internet and Computer Slang
Irc Slang And Short Words Dictionary.
FAQ - Naval Terminology, Jargon and Slang
Glossary of the military abbreviations and shorthand slang used in the British and American navies, as well as ship and aircraft designations.
Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator
Learn Internet slang and acronyms. Translate from Netspeak into offline English and vice versa.
Surfing for Slang: the World's Cool Slang Link Bank
Global collection of slang links to online English slang-related sites: slang dictionaries, slang glossaries & word lists featuring British, American (US), Canadian, Caribbean, Irish, Australian & New Zealand slang. Slang terms, terminology, slangy expressions, colloquialisms, vocabulary, informal language, street slang, swear words, insults & other online resources. German & Scandinavian slang dictioanry links: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic & German slang terminology sites. English slang terms, words & phrases.
Internet Slang
Management Systems Consulting, Inc. Excellence in Computing - Internet Slang.
Street Tech Glossary
This is not a comprehensive glossary, but a build-as-we-go listing of terms used in Their reviews.
Internet Slang/Acronyms Internet Slang/Acronyms.

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