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Filters Slang Repository
Filters slang repository slangin' up a fresh plate o' new words fo' that ass!
Coin Market Slang
Musings of an Idle Numismatist - John Michael Murbach - Temple City, California.
Dictionary Of Roadie Slang
This Dictionary of Roadie Slang is the product of many contributions of Cybernauts from all over the world during the period 1995-2003.
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes
A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang Compiled by William Denton.
Slang Glossary
Royal Marines Slang.
Scuba Slang
Scuba Slang and Technical Terms By Members of SCUBA-L, including Wrolf Courtney and Jan Faust.
Colloquial English is a term given to spoken English used in common speech. It is not the same as Standard English and will differ from region to region.

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