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Someone sent me this link of the definitions of my nickname on the Urban.
Urban Dictionary: Define Your World
U.S. slang dictionary whose submissions and various definitions are subject to votes for inclusion.
Urban planning (in downloadable PDF format)
ACTA – Autores Científico-Técnicos y Académicos. Urban Glossary in Spanish, English and French Language.
Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary whose definitions are contributed by users. Most words featured on Urban Dictionary are slang, particularly ambiguous slang.
Urban Dictionary
About Urban Dictionary Based on Apple's Google widget, this one will search
Glossary of City Parking in Europe
Glossary A-Z of city-parking terms in English (incl. definition), Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Dutch/Flemish.
Urban Dictionary (Google eBook)
Urban Dictionary By Aaron Peckham: Fularious Street ... - Google Book Search.
Urban Slang
Urban Slang - Slang Dictionary.
Glossary of CPD Terms
These are some terms that are specifically related to HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs or functions.
Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary is the slang dictionary you wrote.
Urban Conservation Glossary
The Urban Conservation Glossary. Dundee University.
Glossary of Urban (in downloadable PDF format)
Glossary of Urban Infrastructure Maintenance - A Worldbank Glossary: English, French, Spanish.
Urban Legends Reference Pages
A glossary of terms relating to folklore and
Dictionary of street names
History of Barcelona's Street names.

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