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English-German Dictionary
English-German Dictionary of Common Computing Terms.
English-German Lexikon
English - German Car Term Index.
Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry
Beilstein German to English and English to German Dictionary. - Informatikfachbegriffe - Computer Science Terms
Babylonia Computer Science Dictionary: Babylonia is a free and very popular, English-German and English-French dictionary for computing terms. It is updated regularly and contains well over 1,700 terms and their translations.
Plant growth regulators
Glossary - pests or purposes - EN DE
Technical Vocabulary
FHTE On-line Dictionary - Technical vocabulary - Germany - Englisch Vocabulary.
English-German Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English-German and German-English Dictionary of Deduction-related Terms.
German Computer Terms (Zip file)
English to German and German to English lexicons for computer terms. Helpful application for all that have something in common with computers.
Astronomy English-German Dictionary (Zip file)
Astronomy Terms Dictionary English-German-English.
Environmental Protection Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Dictionary Landfill Technology compiled by Klaus Stief.
Agriculture Glossary
German to English Glossary of Terms for Agriculture, agricultural Econimics and Precision Farming.
Glossary on terms and definitions of risk sciences (in downloadable PDF format)
Center for Disaster Management and risk reduction Managemen.
Glossary of English to German Education
Glossary of English to German Education.
Dictionary German (in downloadable PDF format)
Technical Dictionary German-English.
Technical Dictionary
LANXESS Leather - Technical Dictionary (German - English).
German English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Dictionary of terms used German - English.

monolingual german computer Glossary
Computerlexikon Computer-Lexicon Glossary Online-Lexicon.
English-German Glossary
English-German Glossary - Fish and Marine Animals.
English-German Computing
English-German Dictionary of Common Computing Terms.
English/German dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Technical Dictionary English-German.
Photographic German-English Dictionary
Photographic German-English and English-German Dictionary.
Turbine Engineer's Dictionary
Turbine Engineers’ Dictionary - Germany English.
English - German and German - English Radio Dictionary
Wumpus Old Radio World. German - English.
Ultrasonic Testing
Electronic online Ultrasonic Testing Encyclopedia (German, English).
Tranzmatic German-English technical Dictionary
A German-English technical dictionary containing approx. 40,000 terms, phrases and abbreviations.
German Internet Trails
German Studies Trails on theWeb.
Dictionary of Organic Chemistry
Beilstein Bilingual German-English Dictionary.
Archaeology Germany English
Specialized two-way dictionary for archaeologists.
German-English Music Dictionary This dictionary holds at present circa 2000 entries. Its goal is to provide an accurate and dependable reference of musical terms for speakers of both German and English.

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