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Useless Dictionary of Computing
Japanese Computer Joke Dictionary.
Glossary of Japanese Theatre Terms
Interactive Glossary of Japanese Theatre Terms.
Japanese Glossary of Ocean Terms
English-Japanese Ocean Dictionary.
Glossary of Sushi-Related terms
This page contains a list of some sushi-related words and phrases which you might find on this site or in a sushi bar. This page lists short definitions.
Medical Japanese Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Medical Dictionary English Japanese Tagalog.
Japanese-English Math Terminology (in downloadable PDF format)
English-Japanese Dictionary of Math. Terminology.
English-Japanese Dictionary
Japanese Terminology - Do you understand English?
Japanese-English Medical Dictionary
English-Japanese and Japanese-English Medical & Dental Dictionary - T. Oi, Japan .
Glossary of English to Japanese Computers
Glossary of English to Japanese translations (Computers (general) terms).
Maths Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Maths Dictionary from English Translated into Japanese and Chinese.
Glossary of Japanese Financial Terms
Glossary of Japanese Terms with 1,750 financial expressions and acronyms.

Japanese-English Computer
Japanese-English Database of Computer and IT Terminology.
English-Japanese Dictionary
Glossary with English and Japanes.
Japanese Dictionary (Word Document)
Japanese-English Knitting Dictionary.
English-Japanese Mechanical Engineering
English-Japanese Mechanical Engineering Terms.
Japanese-English Technical Terms
Chinese-Japanese-English Technical Terms.
Japanese English Dictionary of Chemistry
Japanese<>English Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
Basic Terms of Shinto
Kokugakuin University's hyperlinked version of a 1958 illustrated Japanese-English dictionary.
Medicine Japanese English
Japanese<>English Dictionary of Medicine and Pharmaceutics.
Hello fellow Tagalog/English/Japanese translators, here's a great medical glossary.
Japanese Aviation Dictionary
English/Japanese Japanese/English Aviation Dictionary.
Japanese English Dictionary Biology
Japanese<>English Dictionary of Biology and Biotechnology.
Japanese Dictionary of Geography
Online dictionary of geography and travels in Japan.
Japanese Dictionary of History
Online dictionary of history and traditions in Japan.
Japanese Dictionary of Politics
Online dictionary of politics and media in Japan.

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