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Russian-English Oil Dictionary
English-Russian & Russian English Oil Dictionary with 13 000 entries.
English-Russian Glossary of Banking & Finance
Glossary of International Banking & Finance Acronyms and Abbreviations - English-Russian Dictionary of Computing for Everyone.
Russian Canine Terms
English-Russian Dictionary of Canine Terms.
Russian Cryptologic Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Cryptologic Terms.
Biological Dictionary
English-Russian Biological Dictionary.
Glossary of petroleum
Glossary of petroleum and natural gas terms (English, Italian, Russian, German, French).
Russian Logistics
English to Russian Glossary of Logistics.
English-Russian Glossary
English-Russian Glossary of Terms used in Environmental Enforcement and Compliance Promotion.
Russian Semiconductor Physics Terms
English-Russian Dictionary of Semiconductor Physics.
Marriage Dictionary
English Russian dictionary of terms in Prenuptial Agreement for Russian translators.
English to Russian Glossary
Dictionary of English Terms Biomedical Statistics.
Glossary of International Banking and Finance Acronyms and Abbreviations (in downloadable PDF format)
Planet PDF - The PDF User Community. English-Russian nternational Banking Dictionary.
Russian Cosmetics Dictionary A-D, Russian Cosmetics Dictionary E-N, Russian Cosmetics Dictionary O-Y
English Russian cometic terms glossary.
Russian Football Terms
English-Russian Dictionary of Football.
English-Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Computing for Everyone.
Travel Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Travel Dictionary - Terms starting with A.
English Russian SCUBA Glossary
SCUBA diving glossary.
Russian Basketball Terms
English-Russian Basketball Dictionary.

A Russian-English Collocational Dictionary of the Human Body
This is a small thematic Russian Dictionary of the human body.
Vocabulary Dictionary English Russian
Personal Resume Vocabulary Dictionary.
Mortgage Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Mortgage Dictionary - Securitization and Mortgage Lending.
Petroleum refinery projects Glossary English to Russian
A good help for participants of petroleum refinery projects.
Russian Bicycle Terms
English-Russian Bicycle Dictionary.
English-Russian Dictionary Dog
English-Russian Dictionary of Dog Terms.
Hydrography Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography.
Russian English Ecological Dictionary
Russian - English Geo-Ecological Dictionary.
Geology Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Geology.
English-Russian Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
English-Russian Glossary of Key Terms on Vaccinology and Immunization.

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