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Achromatopsia is a non-progressive visual disorder which is characterized by decreased vision, light sensitivity, and the absence of color vision.
Achromatopsia is an inherited condition that affects approximately 1 in every 33,000 Americans. It is also known as rod monochromatism.
Glossary of Ophthalmological Terms
Your Complete Guide to a New Career.
What Is Achromatopsia?
Congenital achromatopsia is a rare hereditary vision disorder which affects 1 person in 33,000 in the U. S. The incidence varies in different parts of the world.
The Achromatopsia Network
An information network for individuals and families who are affected by achromatopsia and for professionals interested in achromatopsia.
Achromatopsia From Wikipedia
Achromatopsia (ACHM), is a medical syndrome that exhibits symptoms relating to at least five separate individual diseases.

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