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Pseudomembranous Colitis
Pseudomembranous Colitis - Mucosal Surface.
BAM Clostridium perfringens
Bacteriological Analytical Manual - Clostridium perfringens.
What is C.difficile?
A simple guide to C.difficile - This guide explains what C.difficile is, how it developed and ways in which it can cause infection.
Clostridium difficile
Clostridium difficile - Pathogen or pest?
Pseudomembranous colitis
Pseudomembranous colitis is infection of the large intestine (colon) with an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile bacteria.
The clostridia represent a large prokaryotic genus, encompassing anaerobic Gram-positive bacteria able to form endospores.
Molecular Analysis of Clostridium
Molecular Analysis of Clostridium difficile PCR Ribotype 027 Isolates from Eastern and Western Canada.

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