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Diagnosis: Lung cancer and pulmonary hamartoma.
Lung Hamartoma Imaging
Pulmonary hamartomas, the most common benign tumors of the lung, ...
Pulmonary Pathology
Here are two examples of a benign lung neoplasm known as a pulmonary hamartoma.
Pulmonary Hamartoma
Pulmonary Hamartoma (synonyms: mesenchymoma, chondroid mesenchymoma).
Brain Pathology
Brain Pathology Case of the Month - July 1996.
Asymptomatic facial
Asymptomatic facial papules and acrochordons of the thighs Edward Zabawski DO,.
Hypothalamic Hamartoma
Hypothalamic Hamartoma Support Page.
Hamartomas are neoplasmlike masses of disorganized but mature specialized cells or tissue normally found in a particular organ ...

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