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Hypopituitarism is a general term that refers to any under function of the pituitary gland. This is a clinical definition used by endocrinologists and is interpreted to mean that one or more functions of the pituitary are deficient.
E. Molitch, M.D.Northwestern University Medical School - Pituitary Hormones and Their Regulation.
The Pituitary gland produces a number of hormones or chemicals which are released into the blood to control other glands in the body.
Neurosurgical Diseases
Neurosurgical Diseases and Disorders (M-Z) / Pituitary Failure.
Sheehan's syndrome
Sheehan's syndrome is a condition affecting women who experience life-threatening blood loss during or after childbirth.
Hypopituitarism is a condition in which the pituitary gland does not produce normal amounts of some or all of its hormones.
Hypopituitarism From Wikipedia
Hypopituitarism is the decreased (hypo) secretion of one or more of the eight hormones normally produced by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain.

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