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Neonatal Jaundice
All babies develop elevated serum bilirubin (SBR) levels, to a greater or lesser degree, in the first week of life.
Iowa Neonatology Handbook
Iowa Neonatology Handbook: Procedures: Exchange Transfusion.
Exchange transfusion
Exchange transfusion - series: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia.
Neonatal Jaundice Causes
Neonatal Jaundice CausesAka: Neonatal Jaundice Causes, Hyperbilirubinemia Causes in Newborns, Jaundice Causes in Newborns.
Neonatal Jaundice
A Practical Approach to Neonatal Jaundice.
Neonatal Jaundice
Patient information: Jaundice in newborn infants.
Jaundice and Dehydration in The Early Discharged Healthy Term Newborn.

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