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Situs Inversus Imaging
Marco Severino first recognized dextrocardia in 1643. More than a century later, Matthew Baillie described the complete mirror-image reversal of the thoracic and abdominal organs in situs inversus.
The sources of symmetry
The sources of symmetry : Nature News.
The Situs Inversus (iv) Mutation
Most animals are born with normal asymmetry of visceral organs (situs solitus), however, reversed asymmetry (situs inversus) has been reported sporadically in a number of species, ...
Zlotogora et al. (1987) described a family in which 4 out of 7 children had situs inversus and/or congenital heart disease; more specifically, ...
Situs Inversus
Why are some people born with a reversal of organs?.

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