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Tobacco facts & cancer
Smoking Tobacco Facts, Death & Cancer.
Smoking related disease
Mediscan clipart library, London, United Kingdom
Brazilian cigarette warnings
Brazilian cigarette warnings.
The Smoker's body
SMOKING - Netter Medical Illustrations
Smoking's impact on the lungs
Ex-smokers are often tempted when watching others smoke.
Pathology of drug abuse: Smoking
Edward C. Klatt, WebPath, Univ Utah
Photographs of normal & diseased lungs
Photographs, X-Rays and Pictures of Normal and Diseased Lungs
Tobacco & oral cancer
Smoking is by far the major risk factor for developing oral cancer.
Tobacco & oral disease
Also known as "snuff", "spit" or chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco is held in the mouth between the teeth and cheek.

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