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Tinea (Ringworm), Candidiasis, and other Fungal Infections.
Dermatophytosis (tinea or ringworm) of the scalp, glabrous skin, and nails is caused by a closely related group of fungi known as dermatophytes ...
Tinea (Fungal skin infection)
Tinea refers to a skin infection with a dermatophyte (ringworm) fungus.
Tinea faciale, Tinea capatis and Kerion, Tinea corporis(Tinea circinata), Tinea cruris, Tinea pedis and Tinea versicolor.
A.D.A.M. / National Library of Medicine
Tinea - Infection of keratinized tissues, including skin, hair, or nails, caused by a group of fungi known as dermatophytes.
Tinea corporis
Atlas of dermatology. Tinea corporis.
Tinea corporis (Ringworm)
Tinea corporis is an infection of the skin that can occur at any age. In common Orlando Ringworm Skin Treatment, TINEA CORPORIS terms this disorder is known as "ringworm".
Tinea cruris and irritant dermatitis. The fungal infection can be treated with a topical antifungal agent, and the irritant dermatitis (intertrigo) can be treated ..
Tinea is a fungus that can grow on your skin, hair or nails.
Tinea Capitis
Tinea capitis is a disease caused by superficial fungal infection of the skin of the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, with a propensity for attacking hair shafts and follicles.

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