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Word Ways
The Journal of Recreational Linguistics.
A comprehensive list of linguistic riches and the world's largest online linguistic resource.
Linguistic Phenomena/Devices
This is a list of some of the lesser known linguistic phenomena and devices used in English writing. You actually know what most of these are, you just didn't know what they were called.
A World of Words
comparative linguistics Indo-European Old English Middle English English grammar dictionary.
World Wide Words
excellent articles on linguistics, topical words, weird words, turns of phrase, phonetics and much more.
Linguistic Glossary
This glossary contains definitions of linguistic terms, which are used for the generation of links and for indexing in
Phrasal Verb Dictionary
What are phrasal verbs?: A phrasal verb is a verb plus a preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb.
English Irregular Verbs (Zip file)
Search by infinitive and get the past simple, past participle, and "-ing" forms.
The Able Writer: A Rhetoric and Handbook
A Rhetoric and Handbook by John P. Broderick, Ph.D. (He is a linguist. During more than thirty-five years as a university professor, He has spent most of his time teaching English grammar to future teachers. ).
Advice on Research and Writing
A collection of advice about how to do research and how to communicate effectively (primarily for computer scientists).
Evolution of Alphabets
exploration of early alphabets uses animation to demonstrate the transformation of written characters over time.
Visual Thesaurus - Plumb Design
an exploration of sense relationships within the English language. By clicking on words, you follow a thread of meaning, creating a spatial map of linguistic associations.
English Page - Irregular Verbs Page
Complete list of all irregular verbs in English including dialectic variations.
French/English Glossary of Linguistic Terms
This glossary contains 7,423 French linguistic terms and 7,650 English linguistic terms. As a glossary, it does not define the terms but simply gives the equivalent(s) in the other language.
The Eclectic Company Language & Linguistics
The Chomskybot - Languages in General - Phonetics and Phonology - Applied Linguistics - Grammar of English History of English Metaphor Universities -
Common Errors in English
What is an error in English? - The concept of language errors is a fuzzy one.
NCLRC National Capital Language Resource Center
NCLRC is a joint project of Georgetown University,The George Washington University, and the Center for Applied Linguistics. We are located in Washington, DC, ...

Linguistic Sciences
Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences: Brown University.
Bibliographic Search
This page allows you to access a collection of Bibliographic Databases in Linguistics held by the CL/MT Research Group at the University of Essex.
HPSG Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
Welcome to the HPSG server at The Ohio State University offering current information relating to various aspects of the grammar formalism and linguistic theory of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar.
Endangered Languages
SIL International: Partners in Language Development.
Language and Linguistics at Essex
Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex, UK.
Chartered Institute of Linguists
The Chartered Institute of Linguists serves the interests of professional linguists throughout the world and acts as a respected language assessment and accredited awarding body.
Glossary of linguistic terms
This is a living glossary, and suggestions are welcome for additions or corrections.
UCL Survey of English Usage
The Survey of English Usage carries out research in English Linguistics and was the first centre in Europe to do research with corpora.
The Institute for Language, Speech and Hearing
The Moby lexicon project is complete and has been place into the public domain.
SIGLEX (ACL Special Interest Group)
SIGLEX, a Special Interest Group on the Lexicon of the Association for Computational Linguistics ...
Linguistic Data Consortium
The Linguistic Data Consortium supports language-related education, research and technology development by creating and sharing linguistic resources: data, tools and standards.
International Corpus of English
ICE-GB is the British component of the International Corpus of English (ICE).
International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
ICAME is an international organization of linguists and information scientists working with English machine-readable texts.
Linguistics Association of Great Britain
The LAGB is the leading professional association for academic linguists in Great Britain, and welcomes new members.

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