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EGG & Voice Quality
The main goal of this study is to validate the thesis, that the electroglottography (EGG), an nonivasive method of investigating of laryngeal behaviour, conveys essential information about glottal activity.
Phonetics Resources
Phonetics Resources: American English Vowels.
Sound System of English
Sound System of English: Phonetics/Phonemics TSLP/AL 832.
English Phonetics
Long vowels, Short vowels, Diphthongs, Triphthongs, CONSONANTS, Plosives, Fricatives, Nasals, ...
UCLA Phonetics Lab Data
CD to accompany Vowels and Consonants.
Schwa in phonological theory
Schwa in Phonological Theory -- LOT Winter School 1998.

Pronunciation Materials
Materials to aid ESL teachers teach pronunciation and phonetic.
English Phonetic Activities
Premios de innovación e investigación educativa - English Phonetic Activities.
SAMPA (From Wikipedia)
The Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (SAMPA) is a computer-readable phonetic script using 7-bit printable ASCII characters, based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
SAMPA Phonetic Alphabet
SAMPA computer readable phonetic alphabet.
SAMPA for American English
The variety of English on which the research programs that set up SAMPA focused was British English (principally RP and similar).
Computational Phonology
ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology.
UCL Phonetics & Linguistics
The UCL Speaker Database was primarily developed for a project on the perception of speaker variability in children and adults funded by the Wellcome Trust.
General Phonetics
Broad transcription exercises (no sound) - Consonant description drill ...
Dictionary Phonetic English
A phonetic dictionary of the English language (1913).
UCLA Phonetics Laboratory
The UCLA Phonetics Laboratory was established by Peter Ladefoged in the English Department in 1962.
Broad Phonetic
Broad phonetic transcriptions of English.
The Acquisition Of Phonology
Markedness And Naturalness in The Acquisition of Phonology Barry Pennock Speck, Universitat de Valencia (Spain).
Linguistics and Phonetics Worldwide
Linguistics and Phonetics Worldwide. A WWW Virtual Library

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