Glossary of Archaeology Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Glossary Archaeology
The following are definitions of useful acronyms and terms.
Archaeological Glossary
These are some archaeological terms.
Archaeological Glossary
The following is a list of some archaeological terms that are used on "Parks Canada" website.
Archaeology Glossary
Introduction to Archaeology: Glossary - Archaeological Institute of America.
Underwater Archaeology Glossary
Small underwater archaeology dictionary, explaining the most common topics.
Archaeology Glossary
In this section of the website you can find out more about specialist and technical terms archaeologists sometimes use. There is also lots more information about famous people and historic events in the north-east.
Glossary Archaeology
Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Issues - Student Resources Glossary.
Glossary Archaeology
The M3 Motorway: Glossary of Archaeological Terms.
Glossary of Archaeological Terms
A General Glossary of Archaeological Terminology.
British Archaeological
British Archaeological Jobs and Resources - UK Archaeology Portal.
Archaeology by Country
Archaeological investigations have taught us much about the history and prehistory of the world.
Anthro Terms (PDF Document)
Anthro Linguistics Glossary.
Archaeology Features
Archaeology Features: Full list of articles.
Archaeology Dictionary
Archaeology Dictionary and Encyclopedia - Glossary of Archaeology Terms.
Archeological Collection Management
NPS Archeology Program: Managing Archeological Collections.
Archaeology Glossary
Archaeology @ Manor Lodge: Glossary of Terms.
Archaeology Glossary
Their Archaeology Adventure Glossary contains definitions, pictures and comments on terms used throughout our learning materials.
Archeological Collections: Glossary
NPS Archeology Program: Managing Archeological Collections.
Archaeology Glossary
This glossary, which provides more detail than simple definitions, contains many helpful words and phrases.
Glossary of Terms
The following is a list of terms commonly used in anthropology.
Glossary of Archaeology Terms
Glossary of Terms - Small glossary of basic terms.
Glossary of Archaeological/Anthropological Terms
archaeology anthropology aberrant cycladic.
Archaeology Explorer
Archaeology (or Archeology): The scientific study of the physical evidence of past human societies recovered through collection, artifact analysis, and excavation ... a glossary of nearly 1200 terms related to archaeology.
Glossary of Lithics Terminology
Detailed glossary of Lithics Terminology including diagrams.
Glossary of Anthropology Terms
Vocabulary words for 'Glossary of Anthropology Terms'.
VL - Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
The WWW Virtual Library for European Archaeology.
Museum of Classical Archaeology: Glossary
The who, what, when and where of Classical myths and history featured in the Cast Gallery.
Anthropology Glossary
Biological Anthropology Terms.
Underwater Archaeology Glossary
Small underwater archaeology dictionary, explaining the most common topics.
A Glossary of Manitoba Archaeology
A Glossary of Manitoba Prehistoric Archaeology.
Alberta Archaeology - Glossary
Glossary of Alberta Archeaology Terms.

Chinese Archaeology Pronunciation Glossary
Teaching Chinese Archaeology, Glossary and Pronunciation Guide - NGA.
Architecture Terms
Glossary of Architecture Terms.
Glossary of Archaeological Terms
Glossary, Archaeology of Castle Rock Pueblo.
Cultural Anthropology Terms
Archaeology Wordsmith
Archaeology editor/writer providing solutions for busy archaeologists.
Archaeological Resource
French-English and German-English online dictionaries for archaeologists.
Archaeology and Heritage Organisations, and their acronyms.
Archaeological Sites Data Dictionary
The Canadian Heritage Information Network's Data Dictionaries for the Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Archaeological Sites have proven to be valuable reference tools for the management of museum and gallery collections and archaeological sites.
Archaeology Glossary
This glossary is filled with the definitions of several words related to archaeology and human evolution.
Selected Archeological Terms
Archaeology Reference Sources.
Archaeological Resources and Projects Glossary
Archaeological Resources and Projects, and their acronyms.
Glossary of Terms
Effigy Mounds National Monument On-Line Teacher's Guide glossary.
Texas Beyond History - Glossary
Archaeological dig terms, with photographs and illustrations.
Archaeological Adventure Glossary
This is the Archaeological Adventure Glossary. Here, you can find the meanings to words read in our articles and other sources.
Archaeology Glossary terms
Archaeology glossary terms,archaeology, World archaeology, heritage sites, Archaeological discoveries, History of Archaeology.
Archaeology Glossary
Technical Archaeological Terms
Archaeological Terms
Glossary of Archaeological Terms.
Glossary - Theban Mapping Project
The largest Egyptological website on the internet, offering complete coverage of the Valley of the Kings in images, text and maps. Produced by the Theban Mapping Project and directed by Kent Weeks.
Glossary terms
Archaeology glossary is a comprehensive guide which provides meanings of popular terminology used in archaeology.
Archeological Terms
Selected Archeological Terms.
Glossary Archaeology
The Prozess of Archaeology.
Archaeology Introduction
Archaeology: An Introduction - 4th Edition 2002 - The Online Companion.
Glossary of Acronyms
Archaeology Data Service Glossary.
MDA Archaeological Objects Thesaurus
This is an electronic version of the published version.
Archeological Collection Management
Glossary of terms used in archeological collection management maintained by the United States National Park Service Archeology and Ethnography Program.
Archaeology Terms (PDF Document)
Glossary of Archaeological Terminology.
Archeology-Related Glossaries
Archeology-Related Glossaries, Southeast Archeological Center, National Park Service.
Glossary Beyond
Glossary of useful terms used throughout Texas Beyond History.
Archaeology Glossary
Glossary of Archaeological Terms.
Beginner's guide to archaeology
The Guardian - Science Glossary.
Archaeology UK
Glossary of Roman Terms.
A Glossary of Archaeological Terms
A Glossary of Archaeological Terms - Archaeology Expert (UK).
Alanmacfarlane Dictionary (PDF Document)
Some Technical Terms Used by Anthropologists
Archaeology Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms used in Archaeology and Development.
Archaeological terms (PDF Document)
Glossary of common archaeological terms : compiled 28/04/2004.
Definitions of Archaeology Terms.
AppendixG Glossary
List of Abbreviation and Glossary of Terms - Lithic Analysis.
Archaeology Terms
Glossary of Archaeology Terms.
Archaeology Terms
Archaeology-related terms

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