Glossary of Computer Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Dictionary of Technical Terms
Technical terms defined and explained in plain English.
Computer Memory Terms
Memory upgrades from - Glossary of terms.
Computer Networking Glossary
Networking Glossary - Dictionary of Computer, Internet and Network Terms.
Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms
A glossary of computer and Internet terms with definitions that are easy to understand.
Computer Standards Dictionary
Ken's Dictionary of Computer Standards.
Whatis Glossary
Definitions and terms: information technology computer dictionary and glossary.
Circolwyrde Wordhord
Old English Computer Glossary.
Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms
A glossary of computer and Internet terms with definitions that are easy to understand.
Computer Glossary
Computer Glossary. Electronic Computer Glossary (Computer Desktop Encyclopedia).
Glossary for Computer and Internet Terms
Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms and Definitions.
High-Tech Dictionary
The online dictionary includes the newest computer and technology glossary of high tech terms, including abbreviations and acronyms, chat, ...
ZDNet Glossary
ZDNet Technology Topics Glossary.
Computer Glossary
Search and Download International Terminology - Microsoft - Language Portal (English to Many languages).
Computer Dictionary
Computer Dictionary-Computer PC Glossary Term Computer Terms Glossary Hardware Graphics.
Old English Computer Glossary
This glossary, which complements several printed sources of its kind.
Glossary of Internet and Computer Terms
A comprehensive glossary of Internet and Computer terms with definitions that are easy to understand.
Tech Glossary
This glossary defines frequently used computer terms and abbreviations that may appear in articles on the Microsoft Product Support Services site.
Glossary of Terms
A glossary of computer and internet related terms.
Computer Dictionary
Kids Online Computer Dictionary.
Computer Glossary
Glossary of Internet and Computer Terms.
Glossary of Unicode Terms
Unicode Glossary: this glossary is originally based on The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0, and will be updated over time.
RISC OS Software and Hardware Glossary
This glossary has been created on the basis that someone may read a word or a technical term or an abbreviation within the pages of Archive magazine and ...
Computer Glossary
More on Computer Glossary from Fact Monster.
TechDictionary Computer Dictionary
TechDictionary ™ - The Online Computer Dictionary - Search for thousands of technology terms.
Included are; computer, Internet and telecommunications terms, acronyms, emoticons or smilies, chat abbreviations, filename extensions, HTML tags, and domain suffixes.
The Memory Management Glossary
This is the entire Memory Management Glossary as one document and is designed to be suitable for printing; for online use, it is usually easier to access the glossary divided by letter.
Computer Dictionary
Glossary of Computer Terms.

IEEE Computer Society Style Guide
The IEEE Computer Society Style Guide Committee's mission is to clarify the editorial styles and standards that the Society's publications use.
Firewall Glossary
eSafe Glossary - Glossary of Firewall Terms.
Glossary of Unicode terms
IBM developerWorks - Java technology -Glossary Unicode.
Definitions IT and Computer
Definitions on thousands of the most current IT and Computer related words.
Computer Glossary
Computer Glossary : software hardware Internet Intranet network software multimedia 3D design e-commerce and security.
Storage Networking Technology
A Dictionary of Storage Networking Terminology - Common storage networking-related terms and the Definitions applied to them.
TechEncyclopedia - More than 20,000 IT Terms.
Webmonkey Glossary
Webmonkey - The Web Developer's Resource - Glossary.
A Technical SAN Reference Glossary
This is a technical glossary of Fibre Channel and Storage Area Network (SAN) terms.
Computer & Internet Glossary
English-German Glossary - A-B - IT, Email, Internet, and Computer Terminology.
Ken's Dictionary of Computer Standards
An in-depth dictionary explaining certain basic concepts, specifications and de facto standards of the computer industry.
Document Imaging
Document Imaging in the New Millennium - Laserfiche Document Imaging - Glossary.
CD&DVD Terms
Glossary of CD & DVD Related Terms from Magellan Hardware.
Computers Terms
Technology / Computers Glossary.
Artificial Intelligence Glossary
Stottler Henke - Artificial Intelligence Glossary.
Mac OS Documentation Glossary
Apple's developer documentation includes overviews, tutorials, and details on application development with Apple technologies. Follow the links below to find documentation for a specific technology. Most documents are available in PDF and HTML formats.
NSA Glossary of Security
NSA Glossary of Security and Intrusion Detection - Glossar der IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) PDF-Format.
Glossary Data
An Extensive Glossary of Big Data Terminology.
Computer Certification Glossary.
Email Terms
Technology / Email Glossary.
List-Lingo Glossary
The Newbie's Guide to Email List Terminology.
A Computer Terms
Technical terms that start with the letter A.
The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary
A dictionary of computer terms with simple definitions and detailed explanations.

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