Glossary of Film Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Film Editing Glossary
Small glossary of film terms.
Cinematic Glosssary of Terms
Ever wondered what this and other terms used by film-maker mean? Here are but a few of the most common ones to get you started.
Film Bibliographies New
Media Resources Center UCB.
A Glossary of Film Terms
A Glossary of Film Terms written and designed for the web by Joel Schlemowitz.
New York Film Academy
The Most Hands-on Intensive Programs In The World.
Electronic Cinematography
Electronic Cinematography Terms from Greg's Sandbox.
Film Terms
Film Finance Terms A – C By Raindance in Filmmaking Tips, Indie Tips, Producing Tips
Film Studies New
Analyzing Film as Art and Science with Film Studies Degree.
The Bond Connection - Site Content
Bonds provided to construction contractors. Larger bonds at lower rates, faster service, professional advice.
Pulp Glossary
Adventure House - Pulp Glossary.
Digital Film Glossary
This glossary contains Photographic and Digital Imaging term.
Glossary of Film Terms
Comprehensive online glossary of film Terms.
Cinematic Terms
Cinematic Terms - A FilmMaking Glossary: In order to be knowledgeable about film-making, the vocabulary of film studies and the techniques of cinema, some of the most basic and common terms must be defined. Illustrations are provided with many of the terms, to help describe them more fully.
Film Glossary
A comprehensive glossary of Film Terms.
PRODUCTION DICTIONARY: The Dictionary is an extensive on-line reference of film, video and audio terminology as applicable to production and post production.
A Glossary of Film Terms
Filmmaking is an art with a very complex, and in some ways confusing, vocabulary of terms.

Glossary of Film / Video Terms
Glossary of common terms used in film and video production.
Online Film Dictionary
Online Film Dictionary. Look up movie terms in foreign languages. ...
Film Sound Terminology
Dilettantes Dictionary - Dolby Laboratories’ Film Sound Glossary - Sound Terms - "What's a Binky?" - Griptionary.
Das Moviemaster® Film-Lexikon.
Cinema Glossary
Cinema Glossary - Table - ninemsn Encarta.
Film & Screenwriting Glossary
590 glossary terms for the fields of Film, Screenwriting, Television, and Video.
Film Glossary
A Glossary of Film Terms written and designed for the web by Joel Schlemowitz.
Glossary of Film
KODAK: Glossary of Film / Video Terms (A-G).
film analysis
The Language of film analysis.
Online Film Dictionary
Understand all those movie-specific terms in foreign languages.
Glossary of film terms
School of Modern Languages & Cultures Department of Spanish - Glossary of Film Terms

Glossary of Film
BFI Screenonline: Glossary of Film and Television Terms

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