Glossary of Fishing Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Fishing Glossary
English-English carp fishing terms.
Fishing Glossary
Confused by the fishing lingo found on this site? Looking for definitions of bass fishing terms? Here they are!
Glossary of Sportfishing Terms
Glossary of Sportfishing terms and description of fishing techniques.
Fisheries Heritage
Fishing terms. Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program.
Fly Fishing Lingo
Fly Fishing Terminology.
Fishwatch Glossary
U.S. Seafood Facts Fishwatch. Seafood glossary.
Glossary of fishing terms
Fishing Definitions - equipment definitions and slang fishing terms.
Fishing Glossary
Fishing Terms Keywords and Termonolagy Fisherman.
Glossary of Terms
The American Lobster. Terminology varies from region to region. These are some of the terms used in the Northumberland Strait region of the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Fishing Glossary
Fishing Terms Glossary and Definitions.
Explore Fish Species
Bass. Sailfish. Trout. Learn about all kinds of fish and what it takes to catch 'em.
Fishing and Angling Dictionary
Glossary of Fishing Related Words and Terms. A - Z of Fishing Words.
Marine Glossary
Fish and Kids Glossary.
Fishing Glossary
Use this helpful a-to-z fishing glossary to learn all of the important fishing terms and what they mean before you get out on the water.
FAO Glossary
This multidisciplinary glossary (English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese) has been prepared by the Aquaculture Management and Conservation Service (FIMA) of FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department.
Glossary Fishing
Glossary of bass fishing terms and expressions.
Aquaculture Dictionary
The Free Online Aquaculture Dictionary.
Fly Fishing Terms
Fly-Fishing can often be confusing to newcomers because fly-fishers seem to talk and write in a strange, unknown language. To help take some of the confusion out of the terms bandied about by fly fishers we have compiled this glossary.
Fisketurer Fish Translations Seaangling
Fish name glossary (saltwater) in Swedish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Latin

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