Glossary of Music Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Music Dictionary
Online Music Dictionary of Musical Terms.
Music Glossary
A Glossary of IT Terms for the Music and Audio Recording Professional.
License Plate Terms
Dictionary of Custom License Plate Terms.
Music Terms
An Incomplete List of Musical Terms.
Essentials of Music - Glossary.
New Harvard Dictionary of Music, edited by Don Michael Randel,.
Belair Dictionaries
Resarch and Terminologic Multilingual Knowledge Base.
Music Cognition Handbook
Music Cognition Handbook: A Glossary of Concepts.
Glossary Opera
All of us who go to the opera, regardless of whether we're casual opera-goers or inveterate opera lovers ...
Opera - Music and More
Opera - Music - Glossary of Terms.
Glossary Music
The glossary is a list of musical terms relevant to Baroque On!
Experimental Music Glossary
Roulette: Einstein Guide: Glossary.
Audio Jazz Glossary
Audio Jazz Glossary and New Orleans Jazz Club Vintage Radio Broadcasts Compiled by the Louisiana State Museum.
Dictionary Of Roadie Slang
This Dictionary of Roadie Slang is the product of many contributions of Cybernauts from all over the world during the period 1995-2003.
The Classical Composers Database
Welcome to one of the greatest online resources of information about classical music composers.

Glossary of Musical and Subject Cataloging Terms
The plural terms in this glossary represent the uncontrolled indexing vocabulary used in the subject cataloging of this collection.
Bells and Their Music
Bells and Their Music - Glossary.
Flamenco Glossary
For those new to Flamenco, here is a Flamenco glossary that describes words and phrases used.
Music Encyclopedia
Search the music encyclopedia.
New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
The web's premier resource for information on all Progressive Rock bands.
Pronouncing Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Pronouncing the titles of classical music and the names of composers and performers is a daunting task for many Americans because so many of the words are foreign to us.
Hispano Music and Culture of the Northern Río Grande
Glossary of Spanish Terms from The Juan B. Rael Collection.
Joe Sixpack's Brazilian Music Guide - Glossary
This is an attempt to clarify some of the terms which get thrown around when discussing Brazilian music...
A Glossary of Indian Music Terms
This is an alphabetical list of the more important and frequently used terms in North Indian classical music.
Glossary of Terms - Relating to Talas
Carnatic Music of South India-Glossary of Terms.
Or, Dragon's Dictionary of Home Recording Terms
Official Glossary of Home Recording Terms / Home Recording dot com.
Audio RecordingTerms Glossary
Recording Institute Of Detroit Audio RecordingTerms Glossary.
Audio Glossary
Audio Terms Glossary for free access part of Audioed resources ...
Glossary of Music Industry Terms
This glossary defines many terms you'll encounter in your songwriting and musical performing career.
Naxos Glossary of Classical Music
Naxos Glossary of Classical Music:works of Classical Music Online

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