Glossary of Network/Networking Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Computer Networking Glossary
Networking Glossary - Dictionary of Computer, Internet and Network Terms.
Network Glossary
Network Computing Glossary [by Sound Visions]. Glossary A to Z.
Network Glossary
Internet and Network Glossary.
Wireless Developer Network - Glossary
The Wireless Developer Network Glossary provides definitions to common terms used in the software and communications industries.
Network - Glossary
Glossary of Computer and Network Terms.
Networking Glossary
Network troubleshooting and performance monitoring solutions including VoIP and packet analysis.
P2P Glossary
A reference tool for bittorrents and other peer-to-peer data transfer.
Networking Terminology
A Dictionary of Storage Networking Terminology Common storage networking-related terms and the Definitions applied to them by the Storage Networking Industry Association.
Cisco Systems
Internetworking Terms and Acronyms.
Networking Encyclopedia
Definitions of enterprise-computing terms from Network World.
IBH Networking Glossary
Includes some networking term definitions and some telecommunications acronym expansions.
Network Glossary
Hifn Glossary lets you browse alphabetically, not searchable.
Network Fusion's Encyclopedia.
Research Networking - Glossary
Glossary of Research Networking terms.
Linktionary Search
Linktionary Search and Index page: tom sheldon linktionary encyclopedia of networking and telecommunications network networks technology dictionary.
UCI Network Glossary
This is a glossary of network terms created in August 1998.
Glossary of Terms Novell
Novell offers enterprise infrastructure software and services that help customers leverage proprietary and open source solutions.
Wireless Glossary
Glossary: Wireless Glossary Terms. Glossary
List of netowrking, wireless, broadband, satellite, telephony, general computing and other technical terms used throughout the si.
Network and Telecom Dictionary and Encyclopedia
A knowledge base on IT, networking, computing and telecommunication technologies.

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