Glossary of Sociology Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Anthropology Glossary
Anthromorphemics: Anthropology Glossary.
Social Costs Glossary (PDF Document)
This glossary of terms and definitions, which was produced by an ad hoc Task Force on Social Costs, provides a basis for agreement among governments on what classes of social effects require internalisation and where intervention is appropriate.
Glossary of Sociological Terms
Resources - Glossary of Sociological Terms - School of Sociology and Anthropology - University of Canterbury - New Zealand.
Sociology Lexicon
Glossary of Social Science - by Frank W. Elwell - Rogers State University.
Sociology Glossary
Sociology: A Brief Introduction, 4/e - Richard T. Schaefer, DePaul University.
Sociology Glossary
Sociology, the scientific study of human social behavior.
Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences
Social science terms and their definitions. Contains entries with a focus on Canadian society.

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