Glossary of Technical Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Measurement Glossary
Technical Glossary: Materials Compatability Screen Shot, Measurement Unit Convertor Screen Shot, Thousands of technical terms at your fingertips.
Netdictionary is an alphabetical reference guide to technical, cultural, and humorous terms related to the Internet.
Glass Technical Terms
Easy to Understand Glass Fusing Technical Terms.
METER Directory Technical Glossary
Flowmeter water Flow meters manufacturers of magnetic turbine vortex venturi multiphase open channel rotameters liquid gas steam flowmeter.
Technical Terms
Glossary of Technical Analysis Terms.
TechWeb: TechEncyclopedia
TechEncyclopedia - more than 20,000 IT terms.
The CIMAC Lexicon
This multilingual lexicon of technical terms used in the internal combustion engine and gas turbine industries contains the translation of some commonly used technical terms into the English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German language. It has been prepared to ensure proper communication.
Technical Glossary
Search the Technical Glossary by typing a search word.
Glossary of Technical Terms.
Glossary of Technical Battery
Information on environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries - Glossary of Battery Terms - Glossary of Technical Battery Terminology: batteryterms, batteries, battery, accumulators, charging, taper charge.
Technicals Glossary
Glossary - Technicals terminology.
Disaster Advice Glossary
Disaster recovery and restoration can be veiled in mystery to the many who have not undertaken specific training. This glossary explains technical terms to assist both report writing.
Glossary of Kant's Technical Terms
The following Glossary lists Kant's most important technical terms, together with a simple definition of each.
Technical Glossary
Technical glossary: Age-specific death rate - Confidence interval (CI) ...
Technical Dictionary
The dictionary (German/English) contains approx. 90,000 entries and includes technical terms in the areas of ferrous metallurgy, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.
Technical Vocabulary
FHTE On-line Dictionary German-English - A-Z. - Glossary
The following is a list of many technical terms used at
Technical Data Terms
The following information is provided as reference data. This is a compilation of terminology, reference materials, charts, chemistry and technical data which may be utilized for a wide variety of activities involving explosives and their many diverse applications.
Technical Glossary
Free DataTools ~ Technical Glossary, Measurement Convertor and Materials Compatability, ...
Glossary - Technical Terms
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SKF Group Glossar
The contents of this dictionary is mainly based on words and expressions used in technical contexts at all levels within the SKF Group.
Dictionary of Technical Terms
This dictionary consists of common technical terms used in Grass Valley publications.
Glossary Technical
Glossary of technical terms, MMM.
Technical Terms
Glossary of Acronyms and Technical Terms.
Technical Glossary
A technical glossary is the listing of terms in a paper or other form of educational or knowledgeable materials providing a definition for the terms that are used.
Glossary Technical Terms
This glossary is a brief dictionary of some of the technical terms used when talking about computer viruses and antivirus programs.
Technical Glossary
Technical Glossary - Precise Biometrics - World-leading provider of Match-on-Card, biometrics for smart cards

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